The Leaf Trap - An effective leaf diverter system & prevents clogging soak holes
How The Leaf Trap Works
The Leaf Trap performs a number of important roles as part of your rainwater tank, soak hole and downpipe system.
It effectively stops leaves and gutter debris from insects, small rodents or birds entering your rainwater system.
Domestic water from rainwater tanks can become contaminated with rotting debris and toxins, a major health hazard to you and your family. The Leaf Trap will filter out unwanted debris, keeping your water cleaner and healthier.
Clogged soak holes and storm water drains can be costly to repair and very inconventient. Plus, with the high demand for tradesman to carry out this work, you may have to wait up to a week before the problem is attended to. Typically, a clogged soak hole must be dug up, resulting in a potential repair bill of around $320. If the soak hole can't be repaired, replacement costs can escalate in excess of $850.
By comparison, the cost to fit out an average home (5 downpipes) with The Leaf Trap is around $300, making it a really sensible investment. It's easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.
Unique foam debris filter
The unique foam debris filter is fitted inside the barrel of The Leaf Trap, effectively trapping leaves and debris before they can pass into the rainwater tank, soak hole or stormwater drain. By simply twisting open the shield you can remove any leaves or debris inside the unit.
The foam debris filter is made from industrial-strength foam. It's UV stabilised and antifungal protected to prevent bacteria accumulating, and it's safe for drinking water.
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