The Leaf Trap - An effective leaf diverter system & prevents clogging soak holes
It's so easy and safe to install - anyone can do it!
An ideal time to install The Leaf Trap is when you are installing a rainwater tank or soak hole on your farm or lifestyle block. But you can just as easily retro-fit the units to your existing rainwater tank, soak hole and downpipe system.
Each leaf diverter trap can easily be installed within 10 minutes by any homeowner with limited technical knowledge or specialised tools. In fact you only need a saw (preferably a fine-tooth saw). We recommend that The Leaf Trap is installed at eye-level, so a ladder is not required to install or clean the units. This substantially reduces or eliminates the potential risk of injury from falling.
The Leaf Trap is unobstructive and attractive and wont detract from the style of the home. It fits seamlessly into your existing downpipe system, and if required, can be painted to match the clour of your downpipes.
The universal Fitting System allows The Leaf Trap to be fitted to most common downpipe systems. But if you can't find an adapter to suit your system on our site, please let us know by sending us an email to We'll try to source it for you.
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