The Leaf Trap - An effective leaf diverter system & prevents clogging soak holes
Commonly Asked Questions & Answers
Q - What size downpipe can the leaf trap be fitted to?
A - The leaf trap can be fitted to any P.V.C downpipe.  Mainly 80 mm and 65 mm but with the use of adapters will 
      fit any size or shape available in New Zealand.
Q - Can the leaftrap be painted?
A - Yes, with suitable paint for P.V.C.
Q - Can I install the leaftrap myself?
A - Yes, Simple step by step instructions are included with the leaftrap.  All that is needed is a hack-saw and some
      P.V.C. solvent.
Q - Can I buy replacement sponges and/or diverters if need be?
A - Yes, both sponges and diverters are available at $4.00 each plus gst through our products page.
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