The Leaf Trap - An effective leaf diverter system & prevents clogging soak holes
Don't let unwanted debris or leaves contaminate your rainwater tank or clog your soak holes!!

Contaminated rainwater tanks are a health hazard to your family.  Clogged soak holes are costly to repair and inconvenient.
By installing The Leaf Trap diverter system you could help to ensure the health of your family.  And if you have soak holes on your property, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration waiting for a tradesman to repair your clogged soak hole.
It's so affordable...At only $42.50 each (includes gst and shipping within NZ), fitting out a typical home of five downpipes with The Leaf Trap costs less than $300. We recommend one Leaf Trap for each down pipe on your home. For purchases to be posted to overseas destinations please email to inquire on the cost of postage and packaging.
    And its so easy...
  • The Leaf Trap can be installed within 10 minutes by any homeowner with limited technical knowledge and tools
  • With installation at eye-level, a ladder is not required to install or clean, so risk of injury from falling is eliminated
  • The Universal Fitting System adapts to most common downpipe systems
The leaf Trap is unobstructive and won't detract from the style of your home. In fact, it can be painted to match the colour of your downpipes.
Leaf Diverters Keep Rainwater Tanks Free Of Debris & Soak Holes Unclogged
Keep your rainwater tank free from contamintation, your soak holes clear and your stormwater drain running freely.


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